Sunday, September 30, 2007

September 30 Flu Update

Sign of what could happen---Japan bans imports of Canadian poultry.

A health official in Pierce County, WA, was involved in an illegal Tamiflu scheme.

In Switzerland, the chickens will have to live indoors this winter

Article for CPAs on minimizing the impact of the bird flu.

September 29 Flu Update

Western and Southern Africans are concerned about the potential for bird flu spread there.

Idaho is also putting funds away toward a pandemic.

ProMed on the new outbreak in Canada of H7.

Florida's Treasure Coast is preparing for bird flu.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

September 28 Flu Update

A Dutch company says it has found antibodies that will help in the treatment of bird flu.

Even though it is not H5N1 there are concerns over H7N3 found in Western Canada.

ProMed notes that in 20004 the H7N3 in Sask. was high path.

The USDA issues a statement on the Canadian outbreak.

ProMed on the news from yesterday on transplacental transmission.

ProMed on a recent outbreak in Thailand.

A County official from New York testifies in DC.

Memphis paper asks if business in that area are ready for bird flu.

They're scanning fowl in Montana during hunting season.

There are problems with Finland's pandemic program.

Finland's planned vaccination programme to deal with a possible bird flu pandemic has been delayed. The National Public Health Institute has broken off its deal with the Dutch pharmaceuticals company Solvay, because of its inability to deliver the medication on schedule.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

September 27 Flu Update

An international paper reflects what many people have long suspected. That bird flu attacks numerous organs, which is why it is so deadly.

As reported, Bangladesh and Thailand have avian outbreaks.

ProMed on Russia and Bangladesh.

The big news today is that the bird flu--unlike normal influenza--can pass through the placenta.

An international conference of paramedics was told about how paramedics in Australia have protection for bird flu.

Ghana says it is now free of bird flu.

So, the continuity profession now notes the risk of a pandemic might be overblown.

Santa Clarita, CA, is also doing its pandemic education.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

September 26 Flu Update

H5N1 reported in birds in Bangladesh.

Massive cull in Russia following outbreak "earlier this month"

In Oregon, the banks have done a pandemic exercise.

The Institute of Medicine is looking for more research on protective equipment for healthcare workers.

A Rhode Island Congressman says that he is worried about the GAO pandemic report.

Missouri is bragging about being on CIDRAP's best practices website.

The Walla Walla paper also cites the CIDRAP site.

Azerbaijan says surveillance shows no bird flu.

Chicken IPO in Hong Kong has wings clipped by bird flu.

A bird flu drill is being held at the fairgrounds in Jackson, MS.

Cambodia is looking to educate very rural communities about the bird flu.

A Dutch company says it is going to coordinate a worldwide pandemic vaccine consortium

The four-year project has been awarded a grant of EUR3.5 million from the European Union to help fund the research and the development of the new vaccine. The so-called FluVac project will be coordinated by Nobilon International BV which is part of Organon, the human healthcare business unit of Akzo Nobel.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

September 25 Flu update

The woman who was suspected of having died of bird flu is now reported to be H5N1 negative.

Russia says it will develop a vaccine against wild bird flu within two years.

Revere blogs the news about the 30-minute flu test that has been all over the news. Says it looks promising....

Australia recently audited its pandemic plans. No one's plan survives an audit.

Peoria TV station has a report on the work going on at Purdue on a vaccine.

Researchers at Purdue University are currently investigating a way to develop a bird flu vaccine that could be made quickly and fight against several strains of the virus (in case the virus mutates). They have combined several components of the bird flu virus with an adenovirus, a harmless type of common cold virus. The adenovirus carries the bird flu virus into the body. Once inside, the vaccine triggers an immune response, enabling the immune system to learn to identify the bird flu virus as an “enemy” and develop antibodies against it.

Monday, September 24, 2007

September 24 Flu Update

There are two young boys in the hospital with suspected bird flu in Indonesia.

The latest potential case in Indonesia has died.

More news from Bulgaria. Letter to editor on inevitable pandemic.

Hong Kong has re-started poultry imports from South China.

Meanwhile, the South China region with the outbreaks has suspended exports.

China says it is cooperating fully with WHO.

Hospitals in Kansas City are getting ready for a pandemic.

Bird flu is said to be "stalking" Tanzania.

Newton County, MO, is urging residents to prepare for a pandemic.

Revere with a good post. Data shows that school absenteeism is very low in the US. Widespread school absences would stress the system--including parents and workplaces.

CIDRAP has kicked off, a set of peer-reviewed pandemic practices.

Here are a few examples of resources in the database:

  • "North Carolina's Ethical Guidelines for an Influenza Pandemic." A task force of public health and medical experts, according to the description, carefully addressed three ethical issues: the responsibility of healthcare workers to provide care and to be protected, the balance of individual and community needs, and the "prioritization" of limited resources.
  • "Reopening Shuttered Hospitals to Expand Surge Capacity." The materials, provided by the federal Agency for Health Care Research and Quality, describe the authors' experiences in reopening a closed hospital in Boston and offer an extensive tool kit to address problems others may encounter in doing the same.
  • "Pandemic Influenza Mortuary Planning Guidelines." The materials recount how a committee in Barron County, Wis., assessed the county's capacity for processing human remains and established a Unified Mortuary Preparation Facility and a Family Assistance Center. The group developed a "strategy to increase remains processing capacity through resource sharing and utilization of a unified command structure."
  • "Isolation and Quarantine in Alexandria, Virginia." The document details the city's strategy for invoking and enforcing isolation and quarantine for any contagious disease that poses a public health threat.
  • "Stay at Home Toolkit for Influenza." The kit, from Montgomery County, Md., is "a user-friendly guide for family reference, including tabs."

Sunday, September 23, 2007

September 23 Flu update

Bulgaria discusses the importance of bird flu prep.

Miniature bird flu lab can detect H5N1.

The Governor of Ct. has launched a pandemic plan in that state.

They are continuing bird flu surveillance during duck season in South Dakota.

Headline says Vietnam is "temporarily" free of bird flu. The truth slips out.

I know you were waiting for this. The pandemic plan for the Grand Cayman Islands is coming out.

September 22 Flu Update

There's a new suspected death in Indonesia.

A Chinese official is perhaps more candid than he intended. Note that only one outbreak has been reported recently (italics added)

We are still seeing epidemic outbreaks in certain places, but there are problems in some areas with unworkable bird flu control measures, vaccinations not being in place, and untimely monitoring,' Vice Agriculture Minister Yin Chengjie said.

In South Dakota, hunters are going to help the bird flu fight.

Fear of bird flu is supposedly effecting tourism in Turkey.

Africa has seen funding for bird flu fall.

Friday, September 21, 2007

September 21 Flu Update

New bird watchers are looking for bird flu in Asia.

Vietnam says bird flu is under control.....

so does China

ProMed on the culling in Nigeria reported here yesterday.

Azerbaijan denies bird flu is there.

People in Memphis are reminded about what a pandemic could do there.

Revere blogs on the things we still don't know about bird flu.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

September 20 Flu Update

150,000+ fowl culled in China, mostly ducks.

Wisely, a bird flu exercise is planned in Hong Kong.

A cull was held in Nigeria recently.

In Hawaii, US military doctors have new equipment that they hope will fight a pandemic.

Tests of an injectable anti-viral are less than promising.

Vets in Indonesia are looking for an animal health law.

Contrary to common thought, Influenza A travels during the summer and it not dormant.

Company wins award for its non-egg-based vaccine technology.

They are checking waterfowl for bird flu in Helena, MT.

The Sanofi vaccine is showing promise.

In Salt Lake City there were flu exercises done.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

September 19 Flu Update

ProMed says that the cull in China is over 150,000 and could reflect a lack of confidence in their own vaccinations.

The EU is seeking new tools for fighting bird flu.

Could you develop a super chicken that would react quicker to bird flu, and thereby provide early warning?

Welsh firms realize they could be in trouble during a pandemic.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

September 18 Flu Update

The Washington Post reports that China is admitting to 36,000 birds culled, and some reports say there are twice as many. Note also questions about whether the vaccination program was effectively administered.

ProMed on mutation fears raised by the dead birds in China.

Revere notes that these dead birds in China had been vaccinated. The virus wins again.

UN warns on CAFOs increasing animal-human disease transmission.

College Station, TX, is preparing for the "Super Flu."

Hawaiians are told to report dead birds they find.

A local health board in New Zealand has bird flu concerns.

Fire up the conspiracy theories: the man who found the first bird flu case in Britain died when he fell off a cliff.

Spoof: WHO admits bird flu a mistake.

Monday, September 17, 2007

September 17 Flu Update

Bird flu is confirmed in Southern China, near Hong Kong.

Hong Kong reacted swiftly.

CIDRAP on China/Hong Kong

Meanwhile, poultry markets are staying open, with assurances they won't spread bird flu.

Singapore has lifted a ban on Malaysian poultry.

Indonesian official says bird flu remains serious threat.

In the Philippines, the government plans to use gamefowl revenue for funding bird flu programs.

Sanofi says its vaccine is getting good immune response at a low dose.

Interesting article on children as germ spreaders.

A bird flu seminar is set for West Virginia.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

September 15 Flu Update

There's a suspected outbreak in China among domestic ducks.

ProMed has this as well.

In Oregon, precautions with migratory birds are being publicized.

Dr. Greger of the Human Society is going to give a speech on surviving the next pandemic.

You're not supposed to hunt migratory birds in Saudi Arabia. And if that isn't enough reason not to, you can add in one more--you might get bird flu.

Here's a good post on a blog from the one of the key pandemic questions--who gets the ventilator?

Saturday, September 15, 2007

September 14 Flu Update

More than 22,000 chickens are dead of bird flu in Indonesia.

Vietnam says local authorities must complete its next round of bird vaccinations by the beginning of October.

Crucell says it has developed a bird flu antibody.

Perdue farms has heightened its bird flu prep measures.

In Utah, the pandemic plan would limit public gatherings.

As quoted in Russia, David Nabarro says that a pandemic is still inevitable.

Revere is interesting as always. If we know pets can get bird flu, and if we know people will protect their pets, then shouldn't we prepare for what we know in pandemic plans?

In the interests of openness, Michael Fumento is back in American Spectator with a withering critique of those who are urging pandemic prep.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

September 13 Flu Update

Thailand and Laos are holding meetings to discuss bird flu.

Busy WHO says bird flu is still big risk in Pacific.

In Orange County, CA, the head of Roche talks about the need for pandemic prep.

Delaware Tech says that it is helping Romania fight the bird flu.

A McGill University Geographer talks about how new techniques are being used to map more effectively, even for migratory birds and the flu.

Canada's health minister says that there will be adequate vaccine in a pandemic.

Health officials in Springfield, MO, are preparing for a pandemic.

Same thing is going on in Tunica, MS.

GlaxoSmithKline is expanding its plant in Quebec City.

September 12 Flu Update

This ought to give an idea about where we stand. WHO has drafted a three-year plan for Indonesia to fight bird flu.

Self-congratulations in Vietnam on bird flu.

More duck culling in Germany.

Pandemic prep ideas are being shared in Longview, TX.

Plans are also being developed for business in Janesville, WI.

Interesting article from a planning participant in the Philippines.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

September 11 Flu Update

VOA reports that International officials are questioning whether Indonesia is going all it can to fight bird flu...and Indonesia is defending itself.

"We already tripled the units for surveillance in Indonesia, so the components of surveillance is becoming more and more complete," said Bayu. "It's not yet perfect for all of Indonesia, but at least we made some progress."

Meanwhile, Indonesia has asked Russia for help.

Indonesia is also going to produce its own Tamiflu (none for me, thanks).

Malaysia has been declared bird flu free.

More prevention in the Philippines' Region 8.

Vietnam seized a ton of chickens that were smuggled in from China.

Meanwhile Vietnam says it is almost bird flu free.

The International Bird flu summit is coming up later in the month in (I swear to God) Las Vegas.

Revere blogs on 9/11, security, and where we have gone in six years.

Sinovac is in Phase II of its clinical trials for vaccine.

ProMed on the confirmed H5N1 swan in Russia.

Reuters Factbox on Bird flu.

Monday, September 10, 2007

September 10 Flu Update

WHO reports new bird flu death in Indonesia.

Ducks in Germany that were frozen while infected iwth H5N1 may have been eaten.

The GAO says that bird flu plans for the US Federal Government are lacking.

Malaysia says it is bird flu free.

Dead swan in Southern Russia was H5N1.

WHO says pandemic is (wait for it) "inveitable", scorns complacency.

Chlorination inactivates H5n1.

In Ireland, people are reminded that bird flu is threat.

They are testing birds in Kansas for bird flu.

They will begin bird monitoring in Azerbaijan.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

September 9 Flu Update

Slow news day/no news day!

September 8 Flu Update

More culling in Russia after a new outbreak.

There is also culling in Germany.

ProMed also has this story....they are ducks.

Hospitals in Louisiana tested their readiness for bird flu.

Ghana has some financing for the fight against bird flu.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

September 6 Flu Update

The Blog will be updated next on September 9

A 33 year old man died in Indonesia from bird flu.

There are more bird flu outbreaks in Northern Burma, on the Thai border.

Gambia reports it is bird flu free.

An Iowa microbiologist is heading to India to teach bird flu testing.

A phase II pandemic vaccine patch starts a new phase of trials.

ProMed has the story of ive retrospective cases in Vietnam.

Ag reports via Promed from Russia and Ghana.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

September 5 Flu Update

Amador County, CA says it is all prepared for bird flu.

Meanwhile, Australia recognizes that the bird flu represents a grave threat.

Revere notes that all the talk about wild birds is just speculation, without the right data.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

September 4 Flu Update

There is H5N1 in Russia.

CIDRAP on Russia, and Asian officials discussing surveillance.

Region in Philippines reports it is bird flu free.

Jamaica is testing bird flu readiness.

Vietnam is importing more avian vaccines from China.

Souther Illinois paper reports on importance of flu readiness.

More on the story about wild bird surveillance pointing the finger of guilt at domestic poultry.

Yesterday we ran the story about the Indonesian official dismissing the H2H transmission paper as "logic." Revere blogs it today...

Failure to acknowledge what the evidence seems to show quite clearly, however, is just one more indication that the Indonesian Ministry of Health is not a credible source of information or a competent public health authority.

But we already knew that.

Monday, September 03, 2007

September 3 Flu Update

A 33-year old man in Indonesia is suspected of having bird flu.

Indonesia dismissed the human-human tranmsmission paper as "pure logic"

"It's pure logic... If there had been human-to-human transmission, it would have already swept the country and killed thousands," Supari told a news conference.

The UN says wild bird surveillance indicates bird flu is mostly contained in domestic poultry.

Businesses are warned in journal on pandemic prep.

September is National Preparedness Month. And they are living it up in Chillicothe, OH

Sunday, September 02, 2007

September 2 Flu Update

The EU has announced that it is continuing to monitor outbreaks in Bavaria.

With some dead birds, there is still concern in Northern Thailand.

People in West Virginia are continuing to be prepared for any emergency.

Revere blogs the recent story on people in Hong Kong looking to prevent bird flu from spreading via air travel. Let's just say he's a skeptic.

Flu vaccine testing begin in Finland.

Site talks about US plans to use military to manage pandemic--and relates back to recent summit.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

September 1 Flu Update

Margaret Chan addressed the Regional Committee for SE Asia.

CIDRAP on the recent WHO standards for lab testing of H5N1. Five new cases emerge in Vietnam (from earlier in the year)

LTE on threat of bird flu in Guyana.

Region in Philippines says it is bird flu free.