Monday, September 03, 2007

September 3 Flu Update

A 33-year old man in Indonesia is suspected of having bird flu.

Indonesia dismissed the human-human tranmsmission paper as "pure logic"

"It's pure logic... If there had been human-to-human transmission, it would have already swept the country and killed thousands," Supari told a news conference.

The UN says wild bird surveillance indicates bird flu is mostly contained in domestic poultry.

Businesses are warned in journal on pandemic prep.

September is National Preparedness Month. And they are living it up in Chillicothe, OH


At 6:14 PM, Blogger Wulfgang said...


Your two Indonesian articles point out a couple of things, rather clearly:

1. Indonesia is being deceptive about the number of human bird flu cases being hospitalized with suspected bird flu. They are playing a cat and mouse game. Translated text reports from their provincial hospitals and clinics in Indonesia and Bali, indicate the number of H5N1 infected people is far and away much higher, than they are admitting. The latest report from a few days ago, which hasn’t quite yet managed to hit the MSM, is that an entire village has fled, due to an “unknown disease”, which has them petrified. Madame Supari still has not managed to completely squash all the news reports of illnesses.

Note: I know you don’t consider translated texts as valid reports, however, they do serve as a valuable supplement and give a truer picture of what is actually going on over there in Indo, and it ain’t pretty Orange.

2. Now we know (from her statement of distorted “logic”) with certainty, that Health Minister Supari is incompetent, not qualified, and just downright, well, not trustworthy. Amazingly, she was unanimously elected as one of five vice presidents of the World Health Assembly, and as a member of the WHO executive board in 2007. This tells us all something about the United Nations politics and selection process – it’s in the dumper. And to think, we are still shoveling money to that country. What’s next – appoint Hugo Chavez or Bono to the WHO executive board, to make the UN health leadership complete ?

I haven’t weighed in one way or another over the debate on whether domestic poultry, or wild birds, are the primary cause for the spread of the H5N1 virus. I suspect it’s really both sources causing the spread, with domestic poultry being the larger culprit. But, like infected humans, all it takes is one sick daffy duck type bird, to infect an entire country.

The business article you posted about the Roche survey, and the indications that neither employees or employers, are prepared to deal with a pandemic – is not surprising in the least. Most Human Resources reps in companies today, are so out of the COOP planning loop, it’s pathetic. In fact, most HR reps I know, are fairly disengaged and dysfunctional people, and not really involved in the in-line operational processes of the business they support. All they want to do is the fun stuff…. College grad interviews and recruiting, training, studies, etc. Mention really difficult topics to them and you get the “deer in the headlights” look.



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