Sunday, September 09, 2007

September 8 Flu Update

More culling in Russia after a new outbreak.

There is also culling in Germany.

ProMed also has this story....they are ducks.

Hospitals in Louisiana tested their readiness for bird flu.

Ghana has some financing for the fight against bird flu.


At 7:39 PM, Blogger Wulfgang said...


Welcome back. You’ll be pleased to know I only have one quick comment today.

It’s pertains to your Lafayette, Louisiana article which describes the several small and large hospital pandemic preparedness strategies, and their mock drill.

Specifically, what caught my attention was their description of their outpatient surgery area, which has negative airflow and which would serve as a quarantine area for their infectious patients. Sounds great, and it is, for a epidemic situation.

Let’s put things into a pandemic perspective so your readers will understand what they most like would expect if a grand daddy avian pandemic emerges (for sake of illustration, I’ll call it “the Supari Pandemic”):

Hospitals everywhere, both large and small like in the Lafayette area, no matter what their logistical arrangement for quarantines, would quickly become over whelmed with infectious patients, all with different degrees of severity and accompanying co-infections. Within a mere matter of days, they are going to run out of supplies, and manpower to handle the influx.

Many federal and state government installations have made significant arrangements for the over flow of people, and are prepared to be converted to massive triage sites. This is a fact Orange. We are expecting a massive number of illnesses, spread out potentially over a significant number of months.

This is the difference between an epidemic and a pandemic, so people everywhere oughta do some serious thinking about what their own personal family preparedness plans are, and what the considerations and expectations would be in a national and state emergency of this magnitude.

Hint: health insurance coverage won’t even matter a whole lot during a pandemic, nor will social status. We’ll all be a "number" if we get the pandemic influenza. The challenge will be – not to have your number “come up”, or have a nurse tell you "your number's up". That could be a very bad day.



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