Thursday, September 13, 2007

September 12 Flu Update

This ought to give an idea about where we stand. WHO has drafted a three-year plan for Indonesia to fight bird flu.

Self-congratulations in Vietnam on bird flu.

More duck culling in Germany.

Pandemic prep ideas are being shared in Longview, TX.

Plans are also being developed for business in Janesville, WI.

Interesting article from a planning participant in the Philippines.


At 6:26 PM, Blogger Wulfgang said...


Well, right you are with your comment on Indonesia, here’s where we stand in my view:

1. Health Minister Supari must love David Nabarro and the WHO – a “three year bird flu plan”, actually means more mega-bucks to be pumped into this pathetic situation - another virtual open-ended entitlement program, complete with blank checks. No performance milestones or set expectations even considered. This is what happens when there’s no rule book – they make up their own plays. (I’m honestly thinking of going into the commercial poultry business myself, so I can get on this band wagon.

2. As a follow on to my first statement, this is wasted money being thrown down a worse rat hole than Iraq. Everybody acts like Indonesia can control their H5N1 endemic situation with more assistance and money, which is utterly impossible. Bird flu has been out of control there for probably the last five to ten years, and this “three year plan” is nothing but a “containment” approach, not a true eradication approach. The problem is so monumental, that it is not solvable in my view, because of the many cultural, religious, lack of adequate governance and political/social reasons I mentioned yesterday.

Simply ask the following question: how many other mammals in Indonesia are infected with the avian virus ? The answer is – nobody knows. H5N1 has to be so embedded in their environment by now, that there’s not enough Clorox or radiation in the entire world to eliminate the threat. You can’t teach people the world is scientifically round when they belong to an antiquated “flat earth society”.

A more kindler, gentler comment I would like to make is something I have noticed in the numerous articles you have posted about the pandemic preparations being undertaken in many of the small cities and counties across America. I seems to me that the really useful and effective pandemic preparation messages going out to average citizens these days, are being delivered predominately by everyday average people, like nurses, clerics, a city health officials, and even volunteers.

Oddly enough, it is not coming from our supposed “leaders” of our government and the premier disease and public health care agencies. They seem to be too busy testifying to their paper-successes in Congress, and spinning out useless 800 page national planning documents, that virtually no one outside of the federal government will read or even care about. I have now read a couple dozen GAO reports criticizing various US government agencies, like the CDC, Homeland Security and FEMA, on numerous deficient aspects of their emergency and pandemic planning plans, lack of clear strategies and absence of integrated table top exercises. If a noodle head like me understands what’s wrong, why don’t these people get it ?

They just don’t seem to have a true sense of urgency or accountability, but the average Dick and Jane volunteer on the street does. Go figure...



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