Sunday, September 23, 2007

September 23 Flu update

Bulgaria discusses the importance of bird flu prep.

Miniature bird flu lab can detect H5N1.

The Governor of Ct. has launched a pandemic plan in that state.

They are continuing bird flu surveillance during duck season in South Dakota.

Headline says Vietnam is "temporarily" free of bird flu. The truth slips out.

I know you were waiting for this. The pandemic plan for the Grand Cayman Islands is coming out.


At 6:14 PM, Blogger Wulfgang said...


I had to double back a couple of times to verify that your first very well written article actually was from Bulgaria. By golly it was, even though “Nigel Thomas” sounds pretty British to me.

Your piece of news describing the new min-lab, capable of detecting the H5N1 virus within thirty minutes is absolutely amazing. I guess this just goes to show there is lots of money to be made off of this potential pandemic influenza nightmare, for enterprising entrepreneur’s. (I myself have several great ideas on the back burner which are incubating – I’m just waiting to snag some sponsors with deep pockets so I can follow through). My best commercial idea so far that I’d like to bring to market is a gizmo I call the “clucker” – it’s actually a knock-off of a smoke detector and a clapper - when it detects H5N1 in the vicinity of your house, it starts clucking loudly to warn you. I think it has real potential. I missed out on the hoola hoop and pet rock phases, but the “clucker” may put me on national TV if I can pull it off.

I really enjoyed reading your article about Connecticut Gov Rell announcing the start of a public education campaign for the residents to be prepared for pandemic influenza. Connecticut has one of the highest per capita incomes in the nation. It’s nice to read that the Eastern Blue-bloods, with all of their inherited money, will have to prepare for a pandemic, just like us regular people. Did you every wonder though, whether their country clubs will be devising pandemic COOP plans, as well ? I often think about things like that when I lay awake at night: do the rich people and us “little people” of the world plan similarly for an influenza pandemic? This seems to be one of life’s never ending imponderables.

What a great article about the Cayman Islands, which describes the pandemic preparations they are undertaking. Interestingly, one never hears about the island of Aruba these days. I guess they’re too busy trying to get over the bad international publicity when they botched the Natalee Holloway murder investigation, to worry about bird flu. (and I might add, allowing the prime suspect murderer, Joran van der Sloot, to be released and pretty much exonerated).

I guess young Joran is just their Aruba version of “O.J”., so we shouldn’t cast any dispersions. The real message for folks is to go visit the Cayman Islands because they will be adequately prepared for an influenza pandemic– and avoid Aruba like the plague (if H5N1 doesn’t get you there, young Joran and the Kalpo brothers will).



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