Tuesday, September 04, 2007

September 4 Flu Update

There is H5N1 in Russia.

CIDRAP on Russia, and Asian officials discussing surveillance.

Region in Philippines reports it is bird flu free.

Jamaica is testing bird flu readiness.

Vietnam is importing more avian vaccines from China.

Souther Illinois paper reports on importance of flu readiness.

More on the story about wild bird surveillance pointing the finger of guilt at domestic poultry.

Yesterday we ran the story about the Indonesian official dismissing the H2H transmission paper as "logic." Revere blogs it today...

Failure to acknowledge what the evidence seems to show quite clearly, however, is just one more indication that the Indonesian Ministry of Health is not a credible source of information or a competent public health authority.

But we already knew that.


At 6:07 PM, Blogger Wulfgang said...


Interesting parallel going on in your news today: the bird flu outbreak in the Krasnodar region of Russia. The Krasnodar region is located approx 1500 kilometers (1,000 miles) SW of Moscow, on the Black Sea. It is a high density E. European tourist area, so we have an outbreak situation almost identical to what’s occurring in Bali. Word from my uncle Ivan in Moscow, is it that the infection in their poultry in the Krasnodar area, has been ongoing for two years now –the locals are afraid to report poultry infections, because of being prosecuted for terrorism or criminal behavior against the state.

The Philippines surveillance, vaccination and H5N1 diagnostic preparation plans, appear to be quite impressive. How can the Philippines get it so “right”, and the Indonesian’s get it so “wrong”? Maybe a few minor things, like government, leadership, competency, religion and commitment make a difference after all.

Vietnam is a far different story. The numbers of fowl, the amount of vaccines being pumped into them, and the amount of doses being shipped in from China – is just mind-boggling. All I can say, is let’s wait six months to a year from now, to reassess the status of H5N1 there. So far, the “results” of their repetitive massive poultry vaccination efforts have been marginal, at best.

And speaking of Chinese vaccines, only All Mighty God knows what is really going on in the Chinese poultry and swine populations. Their 1950’s Communist Party isn’t saying anything, and the citizen farmers are petrified of being designated an involuntary organ donor, if they speak out.

Your Paula Dobriansky article you posted today about the North American Plan to deal with the outbreak of pandemic avian influenza, is about 38 light years more accurate and factual, than Jerome Corsi’s “National Inquirer” version, from yesterday. It’s amazing how some people get a simple story right, and another can honk it up so bad that it reads like a piece of science fiction.

Now, regarding the FAO and their belief that wild birds don’t play a role in the spread of the H5N1 virus, I have to ask one simple question: how in the world does/did the H5N1 virus spread from China > Siberia > Europe > Middle East > Central Africa ? If not by wild birds, then it must have been by some mysterious nomadic tribe, whom we’ve never heard about, transporting domestic chickens on a donkey carts, is all I can figure. C’mon here, how can 70 experts, from 12 separate countries, over two years, screw things up so bad ?

Finally, let’s all send congratulatory e-mails to Revere for his extremely accurate assessment of Ms. Supari’s professional credibility and competency.



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