Tuesday, September 18, 2007

September 18 Flu Update

The Washington Post reports that China is admitting to 36,000 birds culled, and some reports say there are twice as many. Note also questions about whether the vaccination program was effectively administered.

ProMed on mutation fears raised by the dead birds in China.

Revere notes that these dead birds in China had been vaccinated. The virus wins again.

UN warns on CAFOs increasing animal-human disease transmission.

College Station, TX, is preparing for the "Super Flu."

Hawaiians are told to report dead birds they find.

A local health board in New Zealand has bird flu concerns.

Fire up the conspiracy theories: the man who found the first bird flu case in Britain died when he fell off a cliff.

Spoof: WHO admits bird flu a mistake.


At 6:30 PM, Blogger Wulfgang said...


I see the big news item for the day is still China and their H5N1 outbreak in Guangzhou, Guangdong province. Getting factual information out of the Chinese government is like pulling hen’s teeth.(pun intended)

The outbreak and culling efforts are far more widespread (5-10 time’s the magnitude) than they are willing to divulge, and in my view, China is one monumental disaster waiting to happen. There is no telling exactly what type or kind of vaccines there are injecting into their poultry (or swine) AND that they are mass marketing and supplying to Vietnam and our loony-toon friends in Indonesia.

The fact that SARS also originated in Guangdong province, and these numbskull’s are rumored to have injected a vaccine meant for chickens into ducks, should cause everyone to genuinely question their scientific methods and procedures, and to be on high alert. Think of it this way: the geniuses running the avian vaccination program in China and Russia, are primarily the same ones advising Vietnam, Laos and Indonesia on their mass poultry inoculations and human trial vaccine phases. Talk about putting artificial evolutionary pressure on a virus to mutate and evolve – one couldn’t establish a better environment and scenario than what we are seeing.

Your College Station article about Texas getting prepared for the “super flu” is quite intriguing. A few facts are in order: Texas A&M at Bryan/College Station is quite a large university (60,000+ enrollment), about on the same scale as the other gigantic institutions around the nation. The difference is that it has one of the largest veterinary programs in the nation. It produces more Army officers than any other university in the nation and has strong DOD ties. Robert M. Gates was the president of Texas A&M University, and is currently serving as the 22nd United States Secretary of Defense. He took office on December 18, 2006. Prior to this, Gates served for 26 years in the Central Intelligence Agency and the National Security Council, and served under President George H. W. Bush (senior) as Director of Central Intelligence. I suspect Dr. Charles Williams is not operating on his own inclinations. Not only is he energizing Brazos County to be prepared, many of the surrounding counties and their supermarket chains and large commodity suppliers have joined in the planning efforts, along with their local communities. There is a big pandemic planning effort going on.

When Dr. Williams says the “super flu” is around the corner, and “it isn’t likely that the Avian influenza virus will morph into a less lethal virus”, he has my complete attention. He’s getting his information from somewhere. People talk off-the-record.

Regarding the poor English chap, Bryce Harron, who fell accidentally (we presume), into the quarry pit after his car accident – well, it just goes to prove Andy Warhol was correct when he said, “everyone has their 15 minutes of fame”.

I guess you could say, that Mr. Harron really got his goose cooked good.



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