Thursday, September 06, 2007

September 6 Flu Update

The Blog will be updated next on September 9

A 33 year old man died in Indonesia from bird flu.

There are more bird flu outbreaks in Northern Burma, on the Thai border.

Gambia reports it is bird flu free.

An Iowa microbiologist is heading to India to teach bird flu testing.

A phase II pandemic vaccine patch starts a new phase of trials.

ProMed has the story of ive retrospective cases in Vietnam.

Ag reports via Promed from Russia and Ghana.


At 6:01 PM, Blogger Wulfgang said...


While reading your news articles from Indonesia and Burma, and India, some of the statements being made by the authorities in those countries, really pop out at the reader, and really provide some insight into their bird flu problems:

For example…

Indonesia: the doctor treating the 33 year old man that died says, “it was not clear whether the man had come into contact with infected poultry, but he had bought two live chickens at a local market”. Think the two chickens he brought home from market might have been the culprits which caused his demise ? I certainly do. No wonder Indonesia has the dubious honor of being the worlds worst-effected nation with 43% of the entire global death toll.

>They need a new Health Minister there desperately - no more relatives, and at least someone partially competent, please. Shoot, I’ll go all the way - they need a totally new government and religion, for that matter. (But don’t tell George Bush, he’ll want to attack them, in the name of “tear-izm”).

Burma: it’s the rainy season there and they are “facing a lot of trouble in burying or destroying the 500 culled chickens”. The explanation given, is that water comes out of the burial holes and the cost of fuel is too high to burn them. Here’s the issue I have: you mean to tell me that Senior General Than Shwe, Burma's military dictator, can’t find enough diesel fuel to dispose of 5oo infected chickens ?

>Some military commandant he is – he needs to take some more basic “dictator lessons”.

India: Let’s see, the US CDC is sending five top notch microbiologist clinician’s to India (1.1 Billion population), to teach a course on the latest skills and techniques in H5N1 diagnostic testing. And only sixteen people in all of India are signed up ?

>Boy are they gonna be prepared for a severe H5N1 outbreak, I can tell…



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