Sunday, September 30, 2007

September 29 Flu Update

Western and Southern Africans are concerned about the potential for bird flu spread there.

Idaho is also putting funds away toward a pandemic.

ProMed on the new outbreak in Canada of H7.

Florida's Treasure Coast is preparing for bird flu.


At 6:26 PM, Blogger Wulfgang said...


Interesting article out of Gambia – I’ve noticed that in all of the articles you’ve printed from Africa, not one has ever mentioned having a stockpile of Oseltamivir or planning to purchase a pre-pandemic vaccine. One would think with all those blood diamonds over there that De Boers, at least, would want to protect their assets. Plus, let’s not discount the money being raised in Nigeria by all their bogus bank scams – I’ll bet if they added up all the illegal loot those Nigerian internet scoundrels have absconded with, they could probably fund enough Tamiflu for the entire continent.

Did you notice the big difference between the tone of the Idaho and Florida article’s you posted ? Looks to me like the Idaho folks are getting their act together and really taking the threat of a pandemic seriously and maximizing the use of their HHS grant money, while Florida still seems mired in their eternal “disenfranchised” mode on everything. I hate to say this, but if a pandemic shows its ugly signs, Florida is definitely not one of the states I want to get stuck in. They haven’t learned a thing from Katrina – Idaho even cites this disastrous event as a prime reason for seriously preparing.

Think I’m hard on Florida ? The public health preparedness coordinator himself, in the last paragraph of the Treasure Coast article, says “ what we’re really practicing for is a pandemic influenza, or a bio-terror event, when we would have to hand out either bulk medicine or vaccines”. (that’s code for “all we’re gonna to do is pass out the government supplied medicines when the time comes and we’ve done our job”).

I wonder if they are considering a few other minor points…. Say, like the electrical grid switching off, maintaining city services, emergency heath care and alternate triage centers, critical water supplies, caring for the elderly, consider what to do with a high number of mortalities, just for starters ?

I’d be willing to bet all your money again Orange, that there is one entity in the state of Florida that absolutely has their pandemic COOP plans very thoroughly developed, and that is -

Disney World !



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