Sunday, September 16, 2007

September 15 Flu Update

There's a suspected outbreak in China among domestic ducks.

ProMed has this as well.

In Oregon, precautions with migratory birds are being publicized.

Dr. Greger of the Human Society is going to give a speech on surviving the next pandemic.

You're not supposed to hunt migratory birds in Saudi Arabia. And if that isn't enough reason not to, you can add in one more--you might get bird flu.

Here's a good post on a blog from the one of the key pandemic questions--who gets the ventilator?


At 1:49 PM, Blogger Wulfgang said...


I appreciate you pointing out to your readers the links to the USDA I provided. These documents are real sleepers. I am very surprised the news media hasn’t picked up on them. My opinion: anybody who questions the need to be prepared with food and supplies, should read those documents thoroughly. I actually remember as a child standing in free government food lines in the 1950’s: it’s no fun and a very humbling experience that will last a lifetime.

Well, I see from today’s articles you posted:

So much for the highly touted Chinese poultry vaccination program. I believe they are supplying hundreds of millions of doses of these deficient mismatched vaccines to Vietnam and Indonesia also. Good luck to them all, they are going to need it.

In regards to hunting fowl and taking necessary precautions against LPAI and HPAI – whether its in the US or Saudi Arabia – no thanks. I’ll buy my drumsticks at KFC or processed frozen at the local supermarket. There’s something about shooting, cleaning and eating possibly avian virus infected wild birds, that just doesn’t appeal to me.

I see that Dr. Greger, Director of Public Health and Animal Agriculture of the US Humane Society, is going to give a lecture on pandemic influenza preparation at Columbia University in NY. I notice he’s now in the “inevitable” camp, along with David Nabarro of the WHO. For an interesting hard core stance on preparation for a pandemic, just out today, see the following interesting link (more interesting comments from a high level public health official):

I liked your informative story on “Who gets the ventilator”. In my view, it all depends on the severity of the influenza pandemic: I actually do believe the US health system could sustain and survive a 1918-like pandemic, without collapsing, since our normal severe seasonal influenza epidemics are fairly representative in regions of the US. I do not believe for a moment our hospital ER’s, out clinics, physicians and health care system could support the CFR’s we are currently seeing: big trouble lies on the horizon, because our entire health care system would most certainly succumb to pandemonium and chaos and collapse. At some point, figure none of us would have access to a ventilator during a mega-disastrous influenza pandemic like the one described in the link above.

Extremely high disease Case Fatality Rates (CFR) and Attack Rates (AR), makes the ventilator challenge fairly simple and understandable: don’t allow yourself or you family to get sick under any condition. Of course, this is easier said, than done.



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