Tuesday, June 13, 2006

June 13th Flu Update

After long periods of quiet, there is a reported new human case in China.

Quarantine measures are in place in a Ukranian village.

A world animal health organization says that Indonesia's reports greatly underestimate the presence of bird flu in animals there, and that is hurting the overall pandemic effort.

CIDRAP reports on more vaccine news, which appears to grow more positive each day. St. Jude showed protection against three H5N1 strains in ferrets.

Recombinomics says that the man in China is in an area where the Fujian strain was prevalent.

ProMed on the Chinese case--man had recently visited a wet market, reports say.

A new study (via ProMed) reports what has been reported before...some flu strains appear to provoke strong immune responses, which do more harm than good. Young people with robust immune systems therefore have higher fatality rates.

ProMed on Ukraine. Note mod comment that says prediction of hibernation of the bird flu were, apparently, "premature."

USAID has contributed $5M to a fund to help bird flu surveillance around the world.

A Shanghai company will be producing generic Tamiflu.

Oh, Horror! The Japanese have banned Hungarian poultry imports, curtailing the foie gras supply.

In Roanoake, VA, the consensus seems to be that business is unprepared for the bird flu.

A two-day conference in Kazakhstan covering bird flu in Central Asia ended.

"Preventing pandemic and mitigating current economic losses requires collaboration and commitment from everyone – international organizations, governments, the private sector, the media and local communities," Nabarro said. "Families at risk have the right to expect no less of us."

A Canadian company is introducing a mass-market Pandemic Preparedness Package.

Statins--the wonder drug. Study suggests they may help with the flu (unless I am mistaken, this has been reported before).

Luke Shockman of the (Toledo) Blade reports on a local pandemic planning meeting in Lucas County. Sparsely attended, but the Law Director in Maumee, Ohio, is taking action...

Some public officials have paid little attention to bird flu, as evidenced by low attendance at a forum yesterday for Lucas County elected officials.

But not Sheilah McAdams.

Ms. McAdams, Maumee's law director, is working on an amendment to her city's charter that would outline "continuity of government" steps that could be taken if bird flu sickens or kills city leaders.

The last time the city took such an unusual step? During the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis.

A similar meeting took place in Huntington, WV.

Effect Measure helps laypeople define infectivity, pathogenicity, virulence and transmissibility.

Effect Measure on an official in Indonesia who denies what appears to be obvious. Bird flu passed H2H.


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