Friday, June 09, 2006

June 9 Flu Update

In Indonesia, tests are said to be inconclusive on a 7-year old girl. She died June 1, and lab results are said to differ.

Effect Measure on why you have to be careful being an epidemiologist on the Internet.

In SE Hungary, a new outbreak on a goose farm has occured. 300,000 birds to be culled.

Dr. Gerberding was in Boston, and she reinforced the message the federal government has had since the beginning. Don't count on us.

‘‘Local planning is really the frontline, I can’t say it enough,’’ said Dr. Julie Gerberding at the Massachusetts Health Policy Forum at the Radisson Hotel in downtown Boston.

Secretary Leavitt again reminds an audience that for six months there will be no vaccine, and states will be in charge.

APEC says its drill was a success in Australia. CIDRAP writes.

ProMed with news from China and Romania. In China, the new outbreak is noted, along with openness from the Chinese government, but still major obstacles to getting the information out. In Romania, a new outbreak site.

More on the upcoming African bird flu meetings.

Medics have warned the Irish government to have a bird flu plan.

More on the Alaskan surveillance that has captured the medi'a attention. Prisoners and eskimos have been enlisted.

The incidence of bird flu in the EU in wild birds has fallen.

IBM now has a consulting service to help companies plan for the bird flu.

The Wildlife Conservation Society has formed a group to monitor for bird flu--funded by USAID.

Malta is gearing up for pandemic flu.

Recombinomics on what WHO might refer to as "signficant."

Effect Measure has moved, BTW, to a new home. Link is here.


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