Saturday, June 10, 2006

June 10 Flu Update

Indonesia says that limited H2H transmission occurred in the country. They go farther in their self-defense than anyone else has....

"Limited human-to-human transmission may have occurred in small clusters in the country. It has not only happened in several regions in Indonesia but also in Azerbaijan and other places in the world," Coordinating Minister for the People's Welfare Aburizal Bakrie said Friday after a meeting with agencies involved in curbing the spread of the disease.
China says it has contained its latest outbreak.

More on HPAI in Hungary, with H5N1 being confirmed.

ProMed on Hungary.

eThekwini Municipality in South Africa is preparing for the bird flu.

As soon as it decides whether to put flouride in the water, the health board in Corning NY will work on the bird flu.

Fitchburg, MA recognizes it needs many volunteers for the bird flu.

Porter County, IN, had a bird flu summit as well.

Secretary Leavitt urged Central America to prepare for the bird flu pandemic.

Effect Measure on WHO and their lack of information. Member states don't participate, but WHO is also not pushing. In fact, in this post, they appear outright passive.

ProMed OIE reports for five countries.

Recombinomics sees more reason for recombination soon.


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