Tuesday, June 06, 2006

June 6 Flu Update (666)

Four nurses tested in Indonesia were negative. Obviously, if they are positive, that's a bad sign for a pandemic. Also, as negatives, they keep known clusters in families.

Recombinomics says these tests were conducted too soon to be as "convincing" as WHO portrays them to be.

CIDRAP on Indonesia.

ProMed on Indonesia--15 year old boy died May 30, confirmed H5N1. Also covers the nurses.

Indonesia faces challenges in fighting bird flu.

The government has carried out only limited culling, saying it can't afford the compensation.

"We can afford to pay only 10,000 rupiah ($1) a chicken," said Krisnamurthi.

A full-grown chicken costs 35,000 rupiah in Jakarta, prompting some poor villagers to keep quiet and eat dead birds rather then give them up for culling.

Effect Measure on the Indonesians unwillingess to cull, and other things...

A Chinese scientist says that China must improve its bird flu efforts.

Secretary Leavitt says a pandemic is inevitable--sometime, and we should prepare, even if we're not sure.

Leavitt also says that we'll have no vaccine for six months, and chances of containing the disease are "low."

Even though Thailand hasn't had a case in 200 days, it is stepping up its prevention efforts.

Canadian retailers are being urged to prepare for the bird flu.

Panama is hosting a regional bird flu meeting.

Bird flu--and fear of bird flu--may be causing a poultry shortage in Vietnam.

An Oxford (UK) company's DNA vaccine has passed safety tests and is moving on for other testing. All 36 volunteers produced an immune response.

The virus's genetic material DNA is coated with gold particles which are propelled into the skin with helium gas, instead of using a needle.

An instant detection system for the flu is unveiled.

Black November: The Flu in New Zealand in 1918 is published.

ProMed with the latest from the migratory bird debate...note mod comment calling for bettter "field work"

ProMed with OIE report from Denmark.

Greece tested 5,000 birds over the past 8 months. None had avian flu.


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