Sunday, June 04, 2006

June 3 Flu Update

We wrote yesterday on the dead boy in Indonesia, and his dead brother, who was never tested. Recombinomics reports now that their parents also had bird flu symptoms, and says this looks like a cluster. Also noting that two versions of flu appear to be running around in Indonesia.

FAO is going to use satellites to track migratory birds to try and determine their role in bird flu spread, and predict outbreaks.

The Health Editor of the Observer in the UK says human trials are the only way to stop the pandemic--so she's signed up to be in a trial.

A bird flu emergency drill was held in the United Arab Emirates.

Poultry farmers in Maine had a summit (first in the country, they said) on keeping flocks safe.

Effect Measure on the Hungarian flu vaccine--is it vaporware?

ProMed on bird flu activity in Egypt.


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