Sunday, June 11, 2006

June 11th Flu Update

An Australian expert says bird flu H2H is only a matter of time.

Bahrain is continuing its bird flu fight, even though it believes the virus will be dormant in the summer.

This AP story details some US Corporate prep work for the bird flu.

For example, DuPont Co is considering giving employees kits with masks and disinfectant and is assessing ways to continue manufacturing with reduced staffing. Sun Microsystems Inc plans to keep workers informed over its intranet radio station.

Long Island businesses are also preparing for the pandemic.

The Walgreens pharmacy chain, on the other hand, is concerned. Spokeswoman Tiffani Bruce said pharmacists in its Long Island stores would be expected to help with vaccine distribution and inoculation if necessary, and they would also help make sure customers get their medicines. Walgreens plans to distribute masks, gloves and gowns to employees deemed critical to the operation.

Similar article tells us that many businesses won't be ready if the flu hits.

In India, the Centre is asking the Union government to have a plan ready for the flu by September, when migratory birds are expected.

Seattle-area paper highlights the activity of local companies in pandemic prep.

The Stanford Progressive asks if bird flu will be the nation's next challenge--and answers, yes, it will, and its a test of our national ability to respond to the warnings we have.

The Director of the Maine Center for Disease Control writes about pandemic flu prep, with a call to the spirit of the people of Maine.

David Heyman of WHO has this thought-provoking article...H5N1 will not be the last challenge for world public health, but the SARS situation could be a roadmap.

Crofsblogs notes what I have as well. Weekends tend to be slow. This weekend...especially slow. Took a long walk in the park and worked in the yard today.


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