Thursday, June 08, 2006

June 8 Flu Update

Dead birds found in Romania, near the only power plant in the country. Its quarantined, and workers may have to live there.

ProMed on outbreaks in China and Romania.

US bird surveillance is going on in the Alaska.

He laid a fresh one there. We really want the freshest stuff," said Rossi, Alaska district supervisor for the USDA's wildlife services.

Wild Geese were also tested in Colorado.

The US and Pakistan are working together to fight the bird flu.

Canadian Business Summit gives an interesting message--proper handling of poultry by farmers is the key to financial survival.

The EU meeting on pandemic flu ended in Vienna.

Commenting on the conference, Dr Bernard Vallat stated that resources pledged in Beijing had to be tranferred very soon. ‘The evaluation of the financial needs presented by the OIE in Beijing to control avian influenza at its animal source worldwide are still the same, except for Africa ” he said. ‘As of today, the OIE only received 32% of the total needs. Other intergovernmental organizations are in a similar situation. The political commitment worldwide is crucial if we really want to achieve our goals'.

OIE urges African nations to report bird flu in the wild.

There was also a flu conference in Central Asia.

CIDRAP has updated CDC guidelines on when to test people for bird flu, and on lab standards.

The Hungarian flu vaccine continues to get abused.

From Canada, a frenetic editorial on bird flu from The Whistler Question.

Americans are going to Tijuana to buy Tamiflu.

Recombinomics on genetic differences in the receptor binding in Jakarta.

Recombinomics with a translation of a 2 year old with symptoms in Indonesia.


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