Monday, June 05, 2006

June 5 Flu Update

WHO confirms the death of the 15 year old boy was H5N1. That's 37 in the country.

Animal activists are asking for humane culling of birds suspected of having H5N1.

ProMed on the situation in Indonesia, noting that the negative test for the nurse means clusters remain in blood relatives.

Russia says it will have results from its vaccine tests in two weeks. Note this:

But he cautioned the vaccine had been created on the basis of a non-pandemic H5N1 bird flu strain and could not stop a pandemic of avian influenza.

MSNBC on companies who aren't ready for the bird flu. Story focuses on Intel, which is really trying to be ready. Check this out from the overboard department.

The company went so far as to consider purchasing infrared thermal scanning devices to detect elevated body temperatures in employees as they enter a building. But that's where precautions can start getting out of hand. What if an employee runs across a parking lot to make a meeting? "All of a sudden we have to do something with them," Mr. Nierkerk chuckles.

Letter to the editor in Jakarta asks, when will Tamiflu be available here...and what happened to all the Tamiflu production that was supposed to go on?

Indiana is holding a seminar for its media outlets.

Recombinomics with a good one on pandemic phases. Notes that, really, WHO is saying they won't alter the phases until we hit phase 6.

Recombinomics also looks at the situation in Indonesia, noting that the source of infection is unclear, and that there appear to be three flu strains in the country.

Report on the relief operation in Afghanistan.

On June 7, an APEC-wide pandemic simulation will be held.

A pandemic briefing in Rhode Island broke down into fighting and squabbling.

CIDRAP on the slow arrival of flu aid funds.

ProMed has this interesting piece from an author who wonders whether "integrated" fish farming is part of the bird flu problem.

Effect Measure also writing on flu aid funds...keyword: pathetic.


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