Thursday, January 05, 2006

Breaking News--Second Turkey case, more hospitalized

If these stories pan out, it is one of the more major developments in the flu pandemic over the last year.

The situation is getting worse in Turkey. The first human cases are a relatively large cluster, leading to the conclusion Revere drew, which is that H2H is becoming easier.

Here's the news from Reuters, which says that:

  • Six people have been sent to hospital in a second province in eastern Turkey with suspected bird flu.
  • The news follows the death of two teenagers, a brother and sister, in Van hospital in eastern Turkey overnight in the first human cases of bird flu outside China and Southeast Asia.
  • NTV said the six patients were from Igdir province on the Armenian border, just to the north of Agri province where the two dead children came from.
  • Seven other people from Agri are also being treated in Van hospital for suspected bird flu.


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