Saturday, December 31, 2005

December 30 Flu Update

This is the last post of 2005. We'll put something up tomorrow for an initial 2006 post. Happy New Year!

In Indonesia, a 48M has died, very likely of bird flu.

The Poultry Board in India says there is no threat of bird flu there.

People in Nothern Ireland were given advice on how to prepare for the bird flu when they travel.

Turkey is bracing itself for new bird flu battles.

Vietnam announces reduced bird flu outbreaks...

and still calls for renewed vigilance.

CIDRAP on outbreaks in Romania and Turkey.

WHO Update 51 on the Chinese situation. (Does anyone else think its strange that the woman was sick for two weeks before she died?)

Here's an interesting article. Docs in NZ are afraid that if the flu hits and they and their staff work long "nightmarish" hours, they could be cited under Occupational laws. And they are looking for some protection.

Nice article on CIDRAP about the naming conventions for H5N1--and why sometimes H5N1 isn't really H5N1...

Vietnam concedes Tamiflu problems.

Billings, MT on the containment plan.

More insistence from Malawi that it is not bird flu there.

Promed on yesterday's Chinese case, where a doc has noted that others have been sick after retrurning from Fujian province, which is where the woman died, but where China claims there have been no outbreaks. This supports what Recombinomics wrote yesterday in terms of a lot of evidence there has been something going on in this province.

Recombinomics is back with evidence of why he thinks the Fujian case could be H2H.

Crofsblog found this on the MedPage Today--a summary of what we know now about the bird flu.

Excellent point from Crofsblog--maybe the most important thing on our site today. California ERs were jammed with the seasonal flu...we are left only to wonder what would happen in there was a pandemic.


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