Wednesday, January 04, 2006

January 3 Flu Update--Diagnosis Reversed! Positive human cases in Turkey.

I think everyone saw this coming. Turkey has reversed its previous now says it has two human cases. (and one death). CIDRAP on the story.

Turkey today confirmed two human cases of avian influenza, contradicting earlier statements and marking the disease's first attack on people outside East Asia, according to news reports this afternoon.

A 14-year-old boy who died Jan 1 and a sister who is hospitalized in serious condition both tested positive for avian flu, according to news reports quoting Turkish Health Minister Recep Akdag. He said a third sibling also has a suspected case.

ProMed on the Turkey reversal. ProMed is still cautioning that the situation is very confused.

Recombinomics writes on this as a family cluster, and notes rumors of 11 more cases in this town. Obviously, if true, a strong sign of H2H, but more facts are needed...

he also notes other reports of ventilator shortages in that area.

Yesterday, we reported an outbreak in, the Chinese say they are looking into it.

ProMed on the Chinese confirmation.

More flu scares--a passenger from Taiwan got ill on a trip tgo Australia, but it turned not to be the flu.

Georgia (European) is taking measures to prevent bird flu.

The stocks of chicken companies are falling on bird flu fears.

Vietnam would like you to know that there have been no new human cases there in two months.

450 turkeys were culled in Turkey as part of flu prevention measures.

Helen Branswell on ProMed, the flu resource for the infectious disease community. I have looked at it almost every day for the last year.

ProMed on the lack of autopsies in Asia causing a major problem.

Health officials in Jasper, Alberta are doing their flu prep.

Here's a good one...there's a computer virus linked to subject lines that say "Learn more about the bird flu." Effect Measure on the story.

Nurses in Britain are saying that bird flu could take the country to a "standstill." (via crofsblogs).


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