Friday, December 30, 2005

December 29 Flu Update

China yesterday announced its seventh case of human bird flu, and the third death. The 41F died on December 21, although she became sick earlier in December. Here's the most interesting quote (CIDRAP).

The Chinese Ministry of Health said no poultry outbreak of H5N1 was reported near where Zhou lived, according to Xinhua. The report did not suggest how she might have contracted the virus.
Here's a wire story on the Chinese announcement.

WHO used the story of the announcement to renew its call for China to share samples, which it has not been doing.

"It means that there is a question mark that hangs over the progress of the virus in China," said Roy Wadia, the WHO's Beijing-based spokesman. "It's perhaps more significant to get animal viruses, because this virus is still something that is primarily in the animal sector."

ProMed with a short report on the death in China.

Recombinomics writes on the Chinese case, stating his view that the case raises questions about the true prevalence of bird flu in China, especially given past reports related to this province.

Yesterday we reported that New Zealand was planning to move flu victims onto some nearby islands--today, people on the islands protest.

Romania reports bird flu in six villages east of Bucharest.

The Ukraine says it has stopped the bird flu, and is lifting its state of emergency.

More on the migratory bird debate in the Chicago Sun-Times.

We're #1--Forbes reports that the bird flu was the top health story of the year.

In Australia, its called the Sounds of Summer--bird flu preperations.

A prominent virologist is warning China that substandard vaccine could be causing the recent outtbreaks there.

Developing a flu vaccine is one of the accomplishments in an annual report of the ministry of technology in Vietnam.

Effect Measure looks at the finger pointing between bird conservationists and everyone else on what carries the flu.

ProMed on cases that are H5N1 negative in Vietnam and Israel.


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