Wednesday, December 28, 2005

December 28 Flu Update

The migratory bird debate is back in the news. An example is this ABC story that says "experts" say that the disease isn't being spread by migratory birds--note however, he is from a conservation society, who never seem to have seriously considered a migratory role. I'm sure more debate is coming on this topic.

"There is more and more evidence building up that wild migratory birds do play some role in spreading the virus, but personally I believe and others agree that it's not a major role," said Ward Hagemeijer, a wild bird ecologist with Wetlands International, a conservation group in Wageningen, Netherlands. "If we would assume based on this evidence that wild birds would be a major carrier of the disease we would expect a more dramatic outbreak of the disease all over the world."

Effect Measure jumps in the deabte, notingg that migratory birds have a constituency. Here's his view.

Ultimately. I think the evidence implicating movement of the virus via migratory wild birds is fairly good, maybe even compelling. But I would have to agree there are many major uncertainties as well.

Crofsblog also notes that other authorities have supported the migratory theory as well.

In Russia, they say 700 wild birds have died since November.

Bird flu has been found in Turkey again, and there is a quarantine in place.

Recombinomics says this outbreak in Turkey raises concern about surveillance.

Buyer beware--there are now stock scams trying to find "investors" in companies with bird flu remedies.

WHO is still waiting for the Chinese to respond to its request for samples.

The United Arab Emirates says that its bird flu procesures are among "the best in the world."

The Chinese say they can produce their human vaccine in large quantities.

Is Fish Farming a flu risk?...UK Doc says no.

A public info request to the Council in Birmingham, England, finds documentation that a flu vaccine would come only after the first wave of the disease had hit.

In the event of a flu pandemic, islands around New Zealand could be used to house the sick.

The Georgia Poultry Federation has a bird flu update as well.

The EC is going to host a "pledging conference" to raise funds for the global flu fight.

CIDRAP on pandemic funding passing Congress, along with a liability shield.

Effect Measure wonders whether cooperation to fight bird flu could bring progress to peace in the Middle East.

ProMed on the migratory birds and the fish food debates.

ProMed on the Turkey outbreak.

ProMed on open questions about flu type in Malawi, and some potential cultural issues behind it.


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