Tuesday, December 27, 2005

December 27 Flu Update

More cases in Romania.

USA Today is doing a look back at the year in health, and notes the biggest health story may be about a disease no one in the US has.

First it was a new vaccine for birds, now China claims to have an antiviral more efffective than Tamiflu and one-third the cost.

This is not an uncommon occurence. A province in Central Vietnam is having to recant an announcement made recently that it is bird flu free.

Here's a letter to editor in WAPO disputing that it is known that migratory birds carry the bird flu..from a bird society.

Newsday covers fear of flu at New York poultry markets.

Still, some people who work in the local markets are worried. At the Richmond Hill market in Queens, manager Ricky Singh expressed concern for his own health and that of other workers. He said that they wear black rubber masks and gloves when they scrub down the 91st Avenue market with Clorox. "We're pretty scared," Singh said.
A British Medical site suggests personal stockpiling of Tamiflu could lead to resistance.

In Maine, they are concerned about the effect of the flu on the egg industry.

In Hong Kong, some people are calling for the curbing of chicken imports.

Illinois is planning a pandemic exercise in the Spring, including state and local health officials as well as hospital officials.

CIDRAP on FDA approval of Tamiflu for children...

CIDRAP on news from China, on openness and on medicine.

Crofsblog points us to this from Toronto Star--year in review looking at the flu. Note here the phrase "blogger frenzy."

I for one agree with Crofsblogs here:

Some of the rhetoric in the discussion forums gets heated at times, but the flu bloggers as a group seem more stolid than frenzied. Well, maybe the Star writer picks up our subconscious hysteria between the lines.


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