Monday, January 02, 2006

January 2 Flu Update

As noted in breaking news, the cases in Turkey are said not to be bird flu, though independent lab confirmation is being awaited.

Effect Measure agrees, noting that it is in the nature of bureaucrats to minimize problems.

ProMed notes that the rationale behind dismissing these cases is an unclear as the rationale for why they were suspected in the first place.

From Indonesia, the 48M we have been discussing is said to be negative for bird flu, but a 39M has died of suspected bird flu.

ProMed on the Indonesian case.

From Columbus, OH, the local health director is preparing for a pandemic.

The efforts in Columbus, Long said, have included clarifying the city law that gives her authority to isolate and quarantine people during a public health emergency. She can also order medical examinations to diagnose and treat people exposed to communicable diseases and order vaccinations against contagious diseases.

Closing businesses and schools, restricting travel and canceling public events to reduce the spread of the flu would also be options.

Should quarantine become necessary, Long said her preference will be for people to stay in their homes rather than being isolated at work or a public site.

Similarly, they are preparing in Baltimore as well.

The LA Times says as bird flu fear increases, so do "pills and promises."

Duluth has a flu Q&A.

Interesting article on the long-term effects of US Public Health de-emphasizing infectious diseases.

Dr. Robert Webster on health practices in China that are promoting the bird flu.

Effect Measure on the ongoing issue of Chinese cooperation, or lack thereof.

Finally, Crofsblog has this, which has circulated around before...the cultural aversion to autopsies is hindering learning about the virus.


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