Wednesday, September 28, 2005

September 28 Flu Update

In Australia, people are concerned about bird flu regulations--who will be the first to get Tamiflu and when.

Beijing unveiled its bird flu response plan. Readers will enjoy the DHS-like use of colors. Of course, what the world fears most is a lack of transparency. On this, the report says:

“The most serious level, red, will be announced in case of a consistent and rapid spread of new sub-type flu virus among the people, or if the World Health Organisation announces the outbreak of a flu pandemic,” the ministry said.

A red alert would entail daily public updates from the government.

More on preparation, this time in the Philippines...

and in the US, per the San Francisco Chronicle.

In Australia, the government says a pandemic isn't probable anyway.

More on South Korea's expected warning.

Also in Australia, the police are preparing to play a role in bird flu.

Forbes says there are 57 suspected cases of bird flu in Indonesia.

Another report says 54.

Crofsblogs has 4 cases outside Jakarta, via the Jakarta Post.

NAIAD announces funding for bird flu vaccine development.

Reuters notes that the key point to this vaccine is that it is "jabless."

CIDRAP gives a nice, layman-version of the new vaccine approach.

In Australia, they are asking people not to personally stockpile Tamiflu.

Here's an op-ed in the Jakarta paper on the bird flu.

Vietnam notes no flu cases in two months.

Indonesia has a bird flu prevention team.

Effect Measure on being "foolish" when looking at flu in Indonesia. Again, he notes that getting the real story is hard. Nonetheless: would be foolish to do anything but assume the evolving Indonesian story is anything but extremely serious and bird flu is possibly epidemic in the country.

Unfortunately, foolish attitudes are quite common these days.
Yesterday, we cited this editorial from Thailand on bird flu.

Today, Effect Measure wonders if it is thoughtful, or just provoking. Revere notes some questionable assumptions and other flaws in the editorial.

Recombinomics on the lack of solid data being generated in Indonesia--and therefore, a nagging sense of a problem without really knowing.


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