Friday, September 23, 2005

September 22 Flu Update

WHO announces a new case--a young boy--in Indonesia.

CIDRAP has this as well--noting that Indonesia says lab reports say the virus has not mutated.

Australians living in Indonesia are putting a run on supplies to fight bird flu.

Australia notes bird flu is on the door step.

There was another bird flu death in Vietnam.

WHO says the increase in cases in Indonesia could be an effect of increased surveillance.

The Economist on preparing for the pandemic. Good overview, with a good metaphor. Scientists are running a marathon with new technology like universal vaccines, but the H5N1 is a sprint.

EU experts were convening in Brussels Thursday to talk flu.

While the EU experts were together, they talked coordination.

WHO update 31 says there is "no evidence" that the virus is spreading "easily" from person to person.

Effect Measure wishes we had someone like Tom Ridge at WHO.

Effect Measure writes about WHO, calling them the World Reassurance Organization. States view that efficient transmission is going on in Indonesia, and wonders what WHO/WRO would have to see to change its view.

The head of the Pandemic Panel in Australia says that he has "been advised" that the pandemic has not started.

Here's a local Wisconsin story on the Lancet drug resistance research.

In Australia, a firm is starting a trial of bird flu vaccine.

A paper in Charlotte, Florida wonders if tamiflu will equal survival.

Nice article in the Bangkok Post notes more on the debate over migratory birds.

County Health Official in the US are calling for a universal vaccine.

Understatement of the week--CNN reports UN as saying flu could be worse than SARS.

Recombinomics has this machine translation of a post that says 115 people with mild symptoms who had visited the Ragunan zoo were turned away from the hospital.

Recombinomics also claims there were nine other admissions today, based on a machine translated post. His view is that the epidemic is racing toward Stage 6.

ProMed on the cull in Indonesia, and the debate within the veterinary community about whether to not respond.

ProMed notes that other Asian zoos might want to protect their bird exhibits from what occurred in Jakarta.

ProMed on WHO blaming "age old" farming techniques for starting flu, launches five year plan to remove this virtual flu petri dish from the world.

ProMed runs the gamut on the news, with its usual cautious commentary.

ProMed on the Dutch lifting their controversial "indoor chicken" rule, and other vet prep in Europe.

Crofsblogs has the latest from Helen Branswell, which is a computer model which says border screening will not work.

Crofsblog is quoted in this community story in Vancouver, but wants us to note the medical community remains divided.


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