Tuesday, September 20, 2005

September 20 Flu Update

Indonesia is planning a major "cull," somewhat against their best wishes. (Sandman says we should say they plan to "kill a bunch of birds.")

The OIE notes that the world might be better served by spending a little more on the animals to keep it from spending a lot more on the people.

From Forbes, a WHO expert notes that once the pandemic hits, there are only 2-4 weeks to contain it--and it will probably take that long just to figure out its happening.

Oshitani said that in some affected countries like Cambodia and Vietnam, detection of bird flu cases could take weeks, if not months, making containment all the more difficult.

'So we have to implement some control measures in a very short time period,' he said, adding, though, that a human vaccine could take months to develop, by which time the disease could have spread uncontrollably.

'A prototype vaccine is available but the problem is the vaccine strain is based on the virus isolated in Vietnam last year. The virus continues to change and we don't know which virus will cause pandemic,' he said.
EU tells farmers to prepare for bird flu--be ready to surveillance and mass culls.

US has some work to do at the APEC summit--pushing for further action at the source.

Indonesia stocks tumbled--a sign of things to come.

This story warns of two more cases in Jakarta, but those may be the two zoo workers we reported on yesterday.

CIDRAP on the zoo workers.

This story is an interview with Micah Fink, the producer of PBS Documentary H5N1:killer virus.

PBS Link to documentary. (I missed it--did anyone see it?)

Vietnam is now vaccinating all poultry.

The Independent in the UK answers readers questions about protecting themselves from the bird flu.

The Miami Herald has a nice story, titled, "The Next Flu Pandemic. Are we ready? (You don't want to know).

Recombinomics says there are three zoo workers in the hospital.

Effect Measure has an excellent post. First, he asks what if bird flu is transmitted through feces rather than air droplets. Then, he notes that past pandemics have come in waves, and what if we already had the weak wave.

Effect Measure summarizes and comments on what we know in Indonesia.

Recombinomics on the emerging clusters in Indonesia.

Recombinomics says Phase 5 Flags are raised in Jakarta.

ProMed has the Dutch advice to the Indonesians--they once had HPAI at a zoo, too.

Crofsblog has a nice, reflective post, similar to the thoughts I have been having as I wrote this tonight.

Maybe we'll look back on the summer of 2005 the way our grandparents and great-grandparents looked back on the summers of 1939 and 1914: as the last sweet summer before the darkness. I hope I'm mistaken.
Check this site out--he's grabbing our whole update everyday!


At 5:20 AM, Anonymous stephanie said...

I saw most of the PBS documentary. It was done in a human interest sort of way, with facts thrown in rather haphazardly and centered on Vietnam. The one idea the documentary brought out that had passed me by was that at least one of the people that 'recovered' from bird flu was permanently disabled. No longer able to walk unassisted and with extensive lung damage, the young man is bed-ridden. The family cluster that he belonged to included the asymptomatic 81 year old in addition to his younger sister and a nurse who recovered completely. Although there was nice photography and poignant stories, the first 45 minutes or so didn't really have any new information.... I admit I fell asleep and missed the rest, so maybe the last few minutes had the good stuff.

At 5:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

are you sure that's ragunan? it looks like there's a sea there? ragunan is at south, while the sea's north. i think it's the marina.

btw, it's not grabbing, it's called 'feed syndication' ;)

At 9:00 AM, Blogger Orange said...

Right you are on the image. I'll work on that.

Whatever you call it, I just hadn't seen that before.


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