Saturday, September 24, 2005

September 24 Flu Update

ProMed says 17 people are hospitalized with suspicious of bird flu in Indonesia as of Friday. It also says the five year old girl who died did not test positive for H5N1.

Crofsblog has a media report saying 21 as of Saturday PM.

The Philippines are strengthening their efforts to prevent the bird flu there.

Swiss reports say their nation is part of a European effort to test migratory birds for bird flu. These results should be very interesting.

An Australian company says it expects to have a bird flu vaccine by August 2006.

Here's something we haven't seen before. Anxious Kiwis are causing a run on Tamiful in a town in New Zealand.

Cirekon (an Indonesian province) is looking to prevent bird flu from travelling in.

Thailand is planning a Regional Bird Flu Centre to coordinate activities.

The situation in Jakarta is causing a mixed reaction elsewhere in Indonesia.

Another article on "growing fear"--this time from Australia.

Business article on the litigation between the companies who are jointly involved in Tamiflu.

The Financial Times on the "nightmare scenario."

The Jakarta Post says people there are in a "fowl." Contains important to know reminders that chickens are a vital part of the economic survival of people there.

Recombinomics has the story you don't get elsewhere--increased admissions to the hospital in Jakarta.

Recombinomics says a total of 12 admissions linked to the Rangunan Zoo.

Effect Measure comments on the "Heading for the Hills" post we linked yesterday. (These are excellent--must read, especially Lisa the GP on why the virus could become more transmittable without becoming less virulent).

An oddly quirky ProMed post--on one hand, it notes that tourism is down. On the other, it says that hundreds showed up to watch a pig cull.

Promed on a recent conference in Russia, international cooperation, etc.

Crofsblogs has a story from Sri Lanka calling for education, but not panic.

Crofsblog on the belief among some that a 21-day window for supressing a pandemic exists--this is the containment strategy rearing its head again.

Crofsblog also has a post on the lack of information being provided to the nursing field on H5N1.

Crofsblog also found this--panicked Indonesians rushing a hospital ER. Gee, could this happen here?

The Future Pundit has attempted to estimate national Tamiflu stockpiles.


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