Sunday, September 18, 2005

September 18 Flu Update

At 9:02 pm EDT, this was the most viewed story on Yahoo! News.

Even though its the only place in the world with known emerging human cases, it has problems getting medicine to the right places.

A big flu meeting is coming up this week. Vigilance and prevention are on the agenda.

The Ministry in Jakarta believes one of the cases we reported here in the last 48 hours is H5N1.

There is a suspected case in Indonesia--a child.

Forbes reports two new children sick--and closing of the zoo in Jakarta because of 19 dead birds.

Recombinomics comments on the new cases--and the Zoo--in Indonesia.

An earlier Recombinomics story on the Zoo in Jakarta.

Recombinomics says the situation in Indonesia is approaching Stage 6.

Check here to see what Stage 6 is.

Oh, they are vigilant in Brunei. Are they ever.

A symptom of things to come? In Bangladesh, they banned the import of chickens in various forms to protect against the flu. Now, the spectre of trade laws is being raised.

Thailand says no human cases in 2005.

A new flu test in Pleasanton, CA, promises to cut the detection time to a couple hours from days. Obviously, this could be helpful in the government's containment strategy.

ProMed on the Jakarta Zoo.

ProMed has the story we had earlier in the week that said LPAI could be transmitted to people.

ProMed on the plan to move chicken farms outside the city---their mod thinks its a good idea.

ProMed on the new cluster in Indonesia. One of the children was a neighbor to the woman who died.


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