Monday, September 19, 2005

September 19 Flu Update

The keyword for today's news is "Jakarta." More on the zoo closing.

Three children are hospitalized in Indonesia with suspected bird flu.

Recombinomics has a later report that says four children are hospitalized.

The Health Minister in Indonesia says bird flu is an "extraordinary national case."

CIDRAP on the Indonesian situation.

Recombinomics on reported cases among children in Indonesia.

Recombinomics says two zoo workers are H5N1 positive.

Recombinomics also says that there are asymptomatic birds at the zoo.

ProMed on the zoo story. Note the mod comments asked how the birds were infected.

Effect Measure on whether human-human transmission is underway in Indonesia.

ProMed says Indonesia is reporting that 15 neighbors of the sick people all tested negative for H5N1, meaning the disease is still not easily passed from person to person, in their view.

ProMed notes that the reports of hospitalized children are perplexing.

Another warning from a WHO official.

Vietnamese farmers are on the front line of the bird flu fight, but they note that its a world-wide fight. Nice Reuters story.

Vietnam is importing more vaccine, as well.

In the Altai region of Russia, bird flu restrictions are staying in place until the cold weather hits.

Julie Gerberding of CDC is the next to sound the alarm. She says:

"We've never seen so much influenza in so many birds in such close proximity to humans in so many places," said Ms Gerberding. "If ever there was a time when the risk [of a pandemic] was higher than usual it is now."
This story is on preperation in Australia, including quarantining entire airplanes of travelers.

IC Wales has fact and fiction on bird flu.

WHO Situation update says a man who died in Vietnam in July is now confirmed as H5N1.

ProMed reports this, with an updated tote board.

There's been a business recovery for the manufacturers of Tamiflu.

In a related story, WHO says it is not looking for a generic Tamiflu.

Recombinomics notes that bird flu may have been imported into Kuwait.


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