Saturday, September 24, 2005

September 23 Flu Update

VOA says the world is "waking up" to the idea the bird flu isn't an Asian problem--insert WHO snooze alarm joke here.

VOA says the world is "waking up" the ide
ird flu isn't an Asian problem--insert snooze alarm joke here.

Australia is sending funds for tamiflu to Indonesia, but also warning its citizens not to travel to Asia without access to tamiflu.

Column from Australia combines the above story with the Lancet story on drug effectiveness, and gets a nice result.

Italy budgets 20M Euro to the bird flu.

Indonesia is "beefing up" (unintentional MSM meat-pun) its bird flu protection efforts.

US and Japan are offering technical aid to Indonesia.

Canadian Press story (non-Branswell) notes the transformation of tamiflu from obscure medication to world wide star.

Australia is attempting to use border checks to help protect against the bird flu.

Shocking--there are expected tourism losses in Indonesia.

Canadian take on the lancet story.
In Ireland, the media notes that avian flu could swamp the NHS.

WHO has warned Indonesia of more deaths on the way.

Vietnam says it has things under control, and is working on a vaccine (?!)

From Berkeley, CA--its just a matter of when.

Sanofi-Aventis is expecting more orders of its bird flu "vaccine."

Recombinomimcs on the emergence of new cases in Indonesia--zoo related.

Usual excellent Effect Measure post, on heading for the hills in a pandemic. Bringing Shakespeare and the evacuation of Houston to bear, Cervantes wonders about public panic in a pandemic, and notes that its key how it is communicated. Finally, he wonders if people are thinking this through.

Cervantes also notes (on Effect Measure) that if Indonesia suffers financially from its bird flu outbreak, other nations may be less transparent.

Recombinomics has other machine translations of reports of new admissions.

Crofsblog has this on the bird flu being declared endemic in animals in Indonesia.

Crofsblog on a conference in Pittsburgh that looks at the effects of a flu pandemic.

Crofsblog also pointed readers to this--a US State Department page that says it has "removed" an Indonesian alert about bird flu.


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