Tuesday, September 27, 2005

September 27 Flu Update

BBC News interviews Indonesians on the street about their feelings about the bird flu--bottom line is that they worry if the government can deliver.

On the funding front, ASEAN may be proposing a regional fund to fight bird flu.

In Singapore, scientists say they have invented a test to detect bird flu in birds in hours. This could clearly help surveillance efforts.

A scientist in Australia is urging her government to not rely only on Tamiflu, in the event a resistant strain emerges, as has been seen. This is an excellent point.

A physician in Manchester says his government is unprepared for bird flu....

while MEPs in Brussel say the EU has been too slow to act.

India continues to develop response plans for bird flu, directing Assam, one of its states, to develop a plan in advance of the arrival of migratory birds.

Wikipedia on Assam.

Hawke's Bay, New Zealand, is planning a desktop drill on a pandemic.

The Jakarta Post says there are some basic hygiene techniques which can help fight the flu, but no one was told in time.

More news on cases in Indonesia.

Alert reader send along the address of the WHO Director-General at the Pan American Health Organization. Its interesting...WHO is good at warnings, but never seems to think they're coming true. "A brewing storm," he says.

At the same meeting, Secretary Leavitt said that we are all global neighbors.

"When it comes to influenza, we live in a global community, neighbor to neighbor, because a threat against one nation is a threat against the entire world," he said. "Our task now is to make sure when the first influenza pandemic of the 21st century strikes, as it surely will, that the global community is ready. It may be H5N1 or something else."

A Chinese report on the four stages needed to fight the bird flu.

Singapore says Indonesia has a lot more work to do on the bird flu.

Recombinomics with some machine translated text on young brothers admitted to the hospital with flu.

He says:

It seems likely that the number infected at the zoo is large, and only the most severe cases are being admitted. The possibility of widespread silent transmission of H5N1 has not been adequately addressed. Zoo visitors with symptoms appear to be increasingly likely to be H5N1 positive.
Crofsblogs has South Korea planning a bird flu alert when migratory birds arrive next month.

The Guardian contrasts flu prep in Thailand as compared to Indonesia (crofsblog).

Crofsblog relays this from the Bangkok Post--a must read editorial.

The United Arab Emirates has a flu plan.

The Oakland Press (MI) has a story on tamiflu shortages.


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