Thursday, May 10, 2007

May 9 Flu Update

The woman who died in Indonesia lived in a part of the country with no previously reported outbreaks. Investigators are on the ground trying to determine what happened.

US and Singapore aid Indonesia in bird flu fight.

The US Department of Defense has released its plan for how to fight a pandemic. I haven't had a chance to review yet, but here is a link to their press release...

...and the document.

Here's a story from military press on the DOD plan.

One of the main pillars of the national plan to confront a pandemic outbreak of influenza is containment, Mr. Chavez said. Containment of an outbreak of potentially deadly avian flu or other illnesses is predicated on early detection and action, he emphasized.

"If it starts with the avian vector, which is the poultry right now, we can identify the farms that are affected (and) cull the birds before they have the chance to infect other birds and animals," Mr. Chavez said.

CIDRAP reports that the EU has approved a "mock up" vaccine for a pandemic, meaning that the building blocks are approved, and once WHO declares a pandemic, the final step of matching the vaccine to the virus would be completed.

According to this article from Taiwan, WHO needs permission from China to involve Taiwan in pandemic planning.

CIDRAP reports that the FDA has listed two respirators that could offer disease protection during a pandemic.

The Health Service in New Zealand is planning a pandemic test.

The Health Laboratory at the University of Iowa has a board game to help promote pandemic awareness. (I have often thought this would make a great computer simulation game).

We've all seen the models of how a pandemic would hit any given community. There have been dozens. Revere talks about the art of responsible modeling.


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