Thursday, May 03, 2007

May 2 Bird Flu Update

Bird flu is confirmed in Ghana, the 9th African nation. It is a bird outbreak. CIDRAP reports.

Culls continue in Bangladesh as bird flu spreads.

Purdue has licensed an avian vaccine for H5N1.

Japanese researchers are testing a human vaccine on monkeys. It uses a combination of attenuated viruses rather than a single strain.

GAO report out, cited on CIDRAP. Financial system is not ready for a pandemic. They seem serious (see below). Also, the report cites concerns about telecommuting, the answer for how the nation will continue to be productive in a pandemic. However, there are concerns over the telecommunication system.

"If we find organizations' efforts lagging, we will consider taking additional actions, including those you recommend," the letter states.

Here's a direct link to the report.

Columnist criticizes Florida for not participating in Tamiflu purchases.

Residents in a community in Azerbaijan hit hard by bird flu deaths a while back is coming together to fight the disease.

As remote as they are, Pacific Island Countries know they were hit in 1918 and would be hit again with H5N1. Here is a summary of their plans.

Terra Haute (IN) officials have partnered with the state to produce a bird flu video.

A flu exercise will be held tomorrow in San Mateo, CA.

Revere looks at Indonesia and China's promises on sharing samples--and wonders how long the world will tolerate irresponsible behavior.

Pharma company touts drug's "synergistic" effects.

GlaxoSmithKline says that the company has a common cause with WHO--stamping out a pandemic.


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