Monday, April 30, 2007

April 30 Flu Update

One of the hidden crises in a pandemic...we would be woefully short of respirators, and that's just for the people with flu---not counting the other patients. A group in New York has a plan on how to ration access, via CIDRAP.

Could you create a chicken that was resistant to pathogens? Some apparently think so.

Bird flu measures cost Kc1bn in the Czech Republic.

Warnings continue in Nigeria about bird flu.

A US official visited Australia. He says a pandemic cannot be prevented.

A Voice of America show is transcribed here on the bird flu.

Bird flu planning is going on in Alaska, where there is little margin for error.

Google is being used to help track the bird flu.

The Communications Program at Johns Hopkins is looking at bird flu.

"Technology has greatly increased access to information for people around the world," Yansen said. "One of CCP's global initiatives is the development of an interactive Web-based tool kit in avian and pandemic influenza." The tool is being developed in collaboration with international organizations including UNICEF, FAO, World Health Organization, CDC and the World Bank, and is funded by the Government of Japan. With resources from all over the world, the tool provides access to essential Web sites, documents, research studies and emergency-preparedness models for developing strategic avian and pandemic influenza communication plans.

Azerbaijan plans flu monitoring for May.

Kenya and 47 other countries are getting funds to fight bird flu.

Dr. Michael Gregor, as has been mentioned here before, has written a book on bird flu, heavy on criticism of the poultry industry. Here is a review of the book in the Journal of Virology. They like it. (I read it as well, and it is a highly readable account).


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