Wednesday, May 09, 2007

May 8 Flu Update

Here we go again. Indonesia says it is optimistic it can reach a new agreement with WHO on sharing samples.

Effect Measure weighs in on Indonesia, noting that they couldn't find even a remote link between yesterday's death and sick poultry, yet they still don't feel the need to cooperate with the rest of the world.

Anthony Fauci of NIH reminds people that another flu virus could become a pandemic--H5N1 is only the most likely candidate.

Official in Ghana refutes claim that bird flu there is hoax, insists country has equipment to diagnose disease.

APEC officials meeting in Vietnam to review bird flu plans.

While there, Vietnam is praised for bird flu actions.

More on bird flu fears in India, near the Bangladesh border.

ProMed has this as well.

Fiji farmers are urged to keep their eye out for the flu.

Manitoba has extended its program to test backyard flocks for free.

The World Bank sent $3M to Uzbekistan for its flu fight.

South African article notes that Tamiflu is available for only 5% of the population and havoc could ensure in a pandemic.

Meanwhile, Saskatoon says it is ready.

CIDRAP on a public health survey of how prepared people are for a health emergency. Given that many of these people are exaggerating or lying, it doesn't look good, though it is entirely unsurprising.


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