Friday, May 04, 2007

May 3 Flu Update

The CDC has released its guidance on respirator usage. Says they may help in crowds, but staying away would be better. Note, however, the recommendation for people giving personal care. (via CIDRAP).

Furthermore, people who care for a pandemic flu patient at home or have other close contact with sick people in a pandemic should consider wearing an N-95 respirator, a more elaborate type of mask designed to stop virus-sized particles, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advised.

Effect Measure is all over the "it might not help but what could it hurt" theme in CDC's guidelines.

Finally, Helen Branswell has her usual excellent story on the topic. In all fairness, given what is below, it would be tough for CDC to give a lot more definition.

The scientific community is still divided on how flu spreads - in large droplets that would be caught in a simple surgical mask or smaller particles that would require an industrial mask known as a respirator.

ProMed on culling in Bangladesh.

Margaret Chan of WHO has hailed Egyptian efforts in fighting bird flu.

CNN reports on the outbreak in Ghana, and its immediate aftermath.

ProMed has Ghana's OIE report.

The US donated bird flu protective gear to Pakistan.

Georgia (the former Soviet Republic) is running a bird flu program in the schools.

The World Bank is doing work in Uzbekistan to help fight bird flu.

More on Egypt's fight against bird flu.

Kentucky announced its pandemic plan.

Unlike Florida, North Carolina is budgeting funds to buy Tamiflu.


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