Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May 1 May Day Flu Update

Today's lead story. St. Jude's Children Hospital announces research that says peramivir protects mice from H5N1. Drug is a neuriminidase inhibitor. Implications are clear...another drug to stockpile, but another arrow in the quiver, too. Note strong results from a single dose.

"We were surprised that we could also see a 40 percent survival rate among mice after just a single dose of peramivir," said Elena A. Govorkova, Ph.D., a scientific manager in the Infectious Diseases department at St. Jude. Govorkova is the paper's senior author.

Thailand prepares to take care of itself.

Thailand, a middle-income developing country, is doing what it can to protect itself by setting up a flu-vaccine production plant at a cost of Bt1.4 billion with additional funding of US$2 million (Bt69.5 million) provided by the WHO. A total output of 2 million doses of flu vaccine per year is expected once the plant reaches its full production capacity. A stockpile of 200,000 doses of tamiflu is also being maintained to treat people afflicted by bird flu.

Ghana may be the ninth African nature with an avian outbreak.

Cross River, Nigeria, prepares to prevent bird flu.

Uganda trains journalists in the bird flu to help public education.

The Department of Animal Husbandry in Kashmir is not letting its guard down against bird flu.

Revere blogs about another Google Earth bird flu mashup.


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