Saturday, May 05, 2007

May 4 Flu Update

The wires are buzzing as the Ghana news begins to spread. I've run plenty of that. Here's a local perspective for Ghanas--message: don't panic.

Ghana has also stopped exports of poultry and says it is going farm to farm looking for the disease.

ProMed notes that with flu in countries like Ghana, smuggling of exotic birds into rich markets could spread the bird flu.

Bird flu has been found on even more farms in Bangladesh.

The US is cutting back on wild bird surveillance this year. Supposedly, the effort will be more focused.

Vietnam has established stronger border controls to watch for smuggled poultry.

Novavax stocks are way up on news that their vaccine worked in ferrets.

Kodiak, AK, has a bird flu planning meeting.

Similarly, bird flu prep is going on in Maine as well.'

Australia donates funds to Cambodia for bird flu communications.

The Dallas Morning News says that the Texas legislature is acting prudently on Tamiflu purchases.

Here's a new flu blog I have become aware of, published in Tehran. There is also a Persian version.


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