Wednesday, October 18, 2006

October 18 Flu Update

Kenya is reporting bird flu in a border region--not clear if humans or birds are impacted.

More positive news on the vaccine front (or is everyone afraid not to play 'me too')--this time from Sanofi.

No surprise here--when bird flu news ramped up, so did Tamiflu sales in US...

of course, this was good for the bottom line at Roche.

Effect Measure writes that there is something we never considered. What could happen to sewage systems if people starting taking Tamiflu all at once during a pandemic?

Effect Measure also writes on the story we blogged a couple days ago--a look back at the Spanish Flu in Mississippi.

CIDRAP on recent news that healthcare workers need better protection.

This columnist wrote an ill-informed flu article...and got some corrections mailed in.

71 year old grandmother in Perth is taking part in vaccine trials.

Australia is warned that it should keep an eye on emerging overseas flu strains.

Rwanda is using mobile phones to collect data on bird flu and AIDS.

More bird flu aid has been pledged by the EU.

In Southern Africa, there are warnings about bird smuggling impacting bird flu.

WHO will post its pandemic vaccine plan on October 23.

A new flu book is out in Canada. Its authors warn against complacency and over-reaction. (The foreword is by Margaret Atwood, perhaps the best novelist in the world).


At 11:22 AM, Blogger Science said...

Just saw that you already discussed the Mississippi story and our possible interest in it. I had it in a queue for a few days while I posted other stuff, so I'm sorry I didn't acknowledge your previous note. I DO read you. Keep up the good work.

At 1:19 PM, Blogger Orange said...

No problem. Thanks for reading, I appreciate it.


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