Sunday, October 08, 2006

October 8 Flu Update

The FluWikie, perhaps the single most important development brought forward by the flu blogosphere, is now hosting pandemic flu awareness week. Click here to find out what you can do. Enough talk!

News Flash. From Indonesia, scientists have now confirmed that avian influenza has infected pigs. This is the second reservoir that many people have been sure had to exist somewhere. Promed has the story. This is one to keep an eye on. It has many implications, including possibly explaining some infections which could not be pinned to birds or humans.

Revere has also reported on flu infecting cats.

I'm not sure this has gotten as much attention as it should have, but the bird flu has returned to Egypt. This article says it is in 28 sites. They say they are better prepared this time.

The Director of Business Continuity Planning for The Gap spoke in the Bay Area on bird flu.

With today's technology, "There's a prediction that if [an avian flu pandemic] lands in San Francisco on Monday, it will be in New York by Friday," he said. "There is not going to be much warning. It will be worldwide."

A physician gave a speech in Mississippi. Her surprisingly candid approach.

"If pandemic flu gets started we won't stop it, but all these efforts would slow it down and hopefully make fewer people sick," said Currier, now in the Department of Medicine at University of Mississippi Medical Center.

As migratory birds arrive at wetlands in the Philippines, a minister sounds the alarm.

Mayors in the Philippines held a summit, and now they are preparing pandemic plans.

Romania says it is ready for bird flu if it returns this Fall.

A bird flu exercise is taking place in Cyprus this Fall.

Vietnam touts no flu outbreaks in ten months.

Cornell has a lab testing for bird flu, and they have tested hundreds of birds.


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