Monday, October 16, 2006

October 16 Flu Update

An Indonesian woman is dead from bird flu.

CIDRAP on three recent deaths in Indonesia.

Scientists have developed a vaccine for the Spanish Flu--meaning pandemic vaccines might be possible. (Next, they will go back in a time machine and inoculate the, wait, that was a movie).

Reports from a flu conference now say that it is a good thing that the flu hasn't extended beyond birds, because vaccine efforts are not close to fruition.

Recombinomics on the deaths in Indonesia.

Abu Dhabi has written a bird flu guide for travellers.

A British study reveals that one third of national flu plans do not talk about how medical treatment should be allocated in a pandemic. Interesting.

Australian Health Minister says country is ready for bird flu--pandemic risk not a problem.

Colorado State has a grant to study how poultry and people interact--and how that might impact the spread of the bird flu.

There are floods in Thailand, and people are being warned of bird flu risks during the floods.

South Africa says that it has increased the funding for bird flu.

A third dose of intradermal vaccine does not improve immune response.

Effect Measure on reports that flu is about to be completely neutralized--or, perhaps, not.

Yesterday, we had a case in which encephalitis is associated with bird flu. Recombinomics is on board with this one, noting that it means that bird flu cases could be higher than thought.


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