Sunday, October 15, 2006

October 15 Flu Update

An 11 year old boy died of bird flu in Indonesia.

ProMed on this case.

No matter what the US Government thinks, Laura Billings in the St. Paul Pioneer Press says that we probably won't stay home during a flu pandemic.

Switzerland announces some bird flu restrictions--including special ones for domestic birds living near lakes.

Mississippi paper writes on what happened in 1918 in their area--including a debate Revere would like on whether to release case counts for the local area.

"Official information as to the number of cases of influenza occurring in the Mississippi Coastal District has been withheld heretofore because of the fear that a certain portion of the population might be tempted to become careless if on a certain day the number of cases reported by physicians should happen to be low.

"It is now believed, however, by health authorities that the people in general have by this time become sufficiently convinced as to the need of precaution, and that it is therefore safe to give figures."

Effect Measure on CDC joining the blogosphere.


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