Saturday, October 14, 2006

October 13 Flu Update

WebMD on designer medicines for the flu.

ProMed reports on the Indonesian death we had yesterday. Note mod comment on the confusion in case counts.

Europeans were reminded of the role personal hygiene plays in spreading all kinds of flu, including pandemic strains.

CIDRAP on prime and boost.

CIDRAP on CDC looking at non-medical flu prevention techniques.

Vietnam has been bird flu free for 2006, but they are not taking chances for the rest of the year.

They ran out of flu vaccine in Boise. Cue public health infrastructure post from Revere.

WHO Director-General candidate says bird flu will be a priority if elected.

More: Profile of Dr. Margaret Chan, who attended Western Ontario University.

The Human case in Egypt is confirmed.

ProMed: Outbreak in Inner Mongolia is confirmed.


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