Wednesday, October 11, 2006

October 11 Flu Update

A 67 year old woman in Indonesia is seriously ill with bird flu. She had contact with chickens.

A 39 year old woman also is reported as a new human case in Egypt.

CIDRAP on the two new cases.

Official WHO statement.

Effect Measure on Egypt. Notes that flu season is starting, and the flu is coming. He warns to expect more cases in Africa.

The CDC is working on its bird flu plan, and they are going old school with it. Researchers are studying how long people could go without leaving their homes. (My note: my view has always been that a vaccine is the only real answer. Therefore, mitigating the situation until a vaccine is available is the next challenge. I don't know if it can be done, or if these measures would be effective, but it seems like it is the next key question).

"The classic public health measures did work in SARS," he said. They won't be enough to stop a flu pandemic but could prolong and spread out its impact to prevent hospitals from being swamped and running out of respirators to keep the sickest alive.

Effect Measure also reminds us that a over-active immune system and the cytokine storm are not the same thing...and not knowing the difference is dangerous.

Recombinomics reminds us of his data that says that bird infection is unlikely in Indonesia.

Russia now says it will begin to produce its human flu vaccine this Spring.

UNICEF is in Thailand, conducting training on bird flu for children.

Canadian Press on the news that flu has infected a dog.

Dr. Robert Webster says that if you are a waterfowl hunter, you are not likely to get bird least in the US.

China is starting up daily bird flu monitoring.

Polk County, GA, is making plans to fight the bird flu.

Local pandemic planning in Canada.

An epidemiologist in Fiji warns of a serious pandemic robbing the nation of its youth.


At 2:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its' only been a month into the Flu season and almost 150 people have already died!Hello!!!
One of the basic reasons for this happenning in this time frame,is because man was and is a sinner and he will reap what he soes.God says',"You can't love money and Me". You and I do mean YOU can come down with this Bird Flu,Cancer or whatever terrible illness and see if all of the money you can mushter up will help you then.Ask God to help you now,before it is too late.All things are possible through Jesus Christ our Lord...that is those who believe in him and his living word.



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