Wednesday, October 04, 2006

October 3 Flu Update

Excellent article from Bloomberg that details the cultural, financial and religious reasons why fighting bird flu is difficult in Indonesia.

British scientists are developing new ways to fight flu. Seems to be promise, but a long way to go:

University of Warwick researchers used a flu virus naturally stripped of some genetic material to compete with other invading flu viruses.

This slowed the rate of infection so much the body could fight it off.

In effect, the invading virus became its own vaccine by triggering an immune response sufficiently powerful to neutralise it before it could gain a strong enough foothold.

Letter to The Times (UK) from US docs advocates use of statins during a pandemic.

Effect Measure posts on this as well, wondering why statins are not getting a higher priority.

FAO on using GPS to track birds and bird flu.

This press release says a chlorine system for water kills Influenza A.

They are holding a flu exercise in Singapore, and this time they are included external groups that cull birds.

Q&A from a Mayo Clinic flu specialist.

New Jersey has kicked off the "Get Flu Ready, New Jersey" campaign to increase awareness in that state.

Of course they have a website, too.

South Dakota also got some publicity for their prep work.

A report for investors identifies platform technologies that will "revolutionize" flu care in hospitials.

All wild birds that have been tested in New York State are bird flu free.

King County has ordered Tamiflu for a potential pandemic.

Effect Measure also has invited readers to help develop some advice on pandemic planning.

A professor has won the "Golden Rooster" for her work preventing bird flu in California.


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