Sunday, August 27, 2006

August 27 Flu Update

The Rotterdam Zoo story continues apace. Promed reporting, zoo officials say H5N1 cannot be confirmed, but they are talking two birds when there were initially four birds....

Plannning is being done in Torres Strait, Australia.

South Africa is culling millions of birds to prevent bird flu.

There will also be more culling in Indonesia.

A pregnant woman in Indonesia who is suspected of having bird flu has agreed to take Tamiflu...and from her, we might learn some things about Tamiflu. (Are there no better ways to test things like this?)

India would like to develop a bird flu vaccine, but lacks a lab with clearance to hold the virus.

Tuesday, a flu conference will be held in Cleveland.

While data are sparse on whether any of the prevention strategies being considered today were effective in saving lives nearly a century ago, historical records suggest that timing was key in cutting infection rates in some communities. "The death rates in American cities during the 1918 Spanish flu varied," said Bell. "The city with the highest death rate was Philadelphia and the lowest was St. Louis."


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