Saturday, August 19, 2006

August 19 Flu Update

ProMed reports three new patients in Indonesia due to bird flu. The newest case is a pregnant villager from Garut, home of the potential cluster.

The woman (35) from last week is now lab confirmed.

Recombinomics says there are clusters within the clusters, and cites evidence to back the point up.

Even more interesting, same article. Thailand says that the virus has grown more complex due to exposure to Tamiflu, and that has complicated lab testing.

More ProMed. Thailand and Laos studies show that the recent outbreaks in birds were the result of both new and old viruses. New viruses resembled those in Southern China. (Also includes OIE reports from Egypt and China)

China responds that the disease did not originate in China.

The LA Times on the flu's newly discovered "weak spot."

There is LPAI in Jamaica.


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