Thursday, August 17, 2006

August 17 Flu Update

China's death announced yesterday has an "unknown" infection source.

More on the 9 year old girl who died in Indonesia.

ProMed on Indonesia and Thailand. Note that WHO teams and underway to the site of the recent deaths to assess, we assume, exposure routes and cluster potential.

CIDRAP with more on the investigation of the potential cluster in Indonesia. Note this:

The WHO said rumors of additional late July and early August deaths from respiratory disease in the hamlets are being investigated.

Recombinomics cites local reports that say the cluster may have reached nine.

Recombinomics also has a local translation that says the sequence in Garut is novel...not the same as seen elsewhere.

Vietnam says it has a lot of bird flu projects underway.

For insomniacs only: a transcript of the USDA presser on bird flu.


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